On Working for the Wrong Boss

You’ve been living with this for a couple of years. You have a job that’s enviable: a company you like, a leader in its field with a culture you genuinely admire; high compensation, higher than you could readily replace; leadership of the function in which you’ve made your career. But you aren’t sure what to… Read more » Read more


Stop Being a Ghost!

I’ve been grateful for the many comments I’ve received on the Living Two Stories post about the question of “what to do about not knowing what we want.”  One of the themes that has come up in conversations about the piece relates to authenticity: how to be authentic in the context of work one is… Read more » Read more

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Living Two Stories: What to Do about Not Knowing What We Want

It is part of the human condition to feel compelled to move forward, even when it isn’t clear where forward really is. Forward motion involves agency: intending something and realizing that intention. Agency takes flight as a narrative, a story about who are we and where we’re going. People get uncomfortable when they don’t have… Read more » Read more

Advice to a Student - Campus Recruiting

Advice to a Student

I have spent the better part of twenty years in strategy consulting; I began at McKinsey & Company, co-founded a practice at Mitchell Madison Group and built Katzenbach Partners from a start-up to a firm of $50M annual revenue. After selling Katzenbach Partners to Booz & Company, I was a Senior Partner there before founding… Read more » Read more