10 Principles for How to Run a Company

Ten Principles for How to Run a Company

  You’ve invented something that will change the world.  But you have weeks left to live. This invention has the potential to be the seed of a great company.  The wealth this company creates should provide beyond your dreams for your family’s future and advance the philanthropic causes you care most about.  The possibilities for… Read more » Read more

Rock Balancing

The Biggest Choice You Don’t Even Know You’re Making

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, and four washed-up recent entrepreneurs sitting in a dive bar go over, again, how their dreams got wrecked. One says: “We didn’t focus.  We overbuilt our team.  We pursued too many products.  When the music stopped, our core business wasn’t profitable.  Another start-up that was two steps ahead in… Read more » Read more

China 2024

Ying’s Story: A Macro-Miniature

We know that within a decade or so, China will be the world’s largest economy. Who will shape its business institutions, and what kinds of institutions will they shape? The China 2024 study that Stacy Palestrant and I launched nearly a decade ago, with Katzenbach Partners, now Strategy &, as the founding sponsor, is a… Read more » Read more